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Cub Scout Leader Training

Cub Scout Leader Training Strip

A trained leader is a successful leader.  These are the Cub Scout Leader training courses to be taken by leaders right when you get started to become Cub Scout Leader Trained.  These training courses are very helpful and provide insight into Scouting for anyone involved with Scouting.  All of these courses are free.

Cub Scout Leader Training

  1. Youth Protection Training
  2. This is Scouting

Go to My Scouting and click “Create Account” if you’re not already registered.  If you have any questions during registration please contact the Cubmaster.

Once you’re in the system click “Menu” then click on “My Dashboard”.  This will take you to your training area.

Click on “Training Center”

Once you’re there you’ll see different areas of scouting, select “Cub Scouting”.

You’ll see “Youth Protection Training” take this first.

You’ll also see “This is Scouting”, take this one second.

To participate in other training modules the easiest way to get to them is to login to My Scouting and click on the right hand side banner “BSA Learning Center”.
  1. Scroll down and select the Cub Scouting
  2. At the top click the link that says “Course Catalog”
  3. Review the Learning plans and take any course of interest.
  4. You can also view the Catalog as well to look through all of the courses.
 The Learning Plan has two sort filters, if you sort first by status and then by name, you’ll see what you have completed and what is still incomplete. Those are must do but not the mandatory courses. Course Catalog covers everything else.  From uniforms to discipline to accounting. There is so much there.
You could spend a weekend and knock out as many as you can so that you will a have general knowledge of what the program is all about.  You could also consider doing one course a week, and just the main ones first then the extras as you go.

Cub Scout Leader Training Strip

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